don’t you L word me,
no more empty promises,
I’m too gullible.

I will find my own liberation.

say something i’m giving up on you

i’m sorry that i couldn’t get to you

the part of me that believes that true love exists

says i should leave you…

poetic justice

put it in a song.


if i told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room

would you trust it?


but i can’t right my wrongs

unless i write them down for real, alright

i’m sorry baby.

you were the sun and moon to me.

look at this,

i’m a coward too.

you don’t need to hide my friend,

for i am just like you.
Even my current boyfriend didn’t show up on my radar until two years into knowing each other. But you. You were important the minute I looked into your eyes for the first time.

when you turn the world on its head, it makes everything better.

nothing feels real. everything and anything could be a lie. suddenly you’re not sure what was yesterday, and what was today, and what tomorrow will bring.

it’s a sense of numbness. and it feels okay.

which is better than would it would be otherwise.

Playback VOdka.

We were six,

You were my first friend with hair below your shoulders.

The first day of school, we huddled on a silver bench,

Exchanging homemade sandwiches and shy glances,

Did you make any friends today sweetie?

I nodded and smiled to myself.


We were seven,

You were my first friend with an imagination.

We travelled distant lands, slayed magnificent creatures,

We got dobbed on by your boss-monster sister.

Don’t do that again sweetie, that’s bad.

I cried.


I was eight,

You were my best friend, my only best friend.

One day at school, we huddled around a jump rope.

That looks fun, can I join in?

They smiled, and nodded, and I joined in.

You sat out and never spoke to me again.